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How Your Marketing Materials Can Help
to Brand Your Business

There's a lot of talk about the importance of branding your business but Noah's Bagels needs no advice in that department.

If you're fortunate to live or work near a Noah's Bagels (California, Washington and Oregon), you're probably familiar with their amusing and effective marketing materials.

Noah's claims that their sandwiches are "thicker than a Brooklyn accent." This, of course, is a wonderful form of branding. But let's look a bit closer.

Imagine if Noah's logo was obliterated from their menu, their ads and their point-of-purchase displays. Would you know they belonged to Noah's?


How about your own marketing materials? Is your design consistent throughout all your materials? Whether you're selling sandwiches or software, branded marketing materials can help more people recognize and remember your business.

This is a Quick Tip you can use today!

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