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How to Start an Email Newsletter With
Trackable Results

An important part of any marketing program is to keep in touch with clients and prospects on a regular basis. Email newsletters are one of the most reasonable ways of doing this.

Automating your marketing campaign with a regularly distributed email newsletter will enable you to...

  • Test and evaluate multiple offers quickly.

  • Measure your results by "open rate" to "click-throughs" to "sales."

  • Send more compelling and interactive content such as animated images, audio and video.

  • Keep customers informed.

  • Enhance a valued customer relationship.

  • Measure your success rate within hours.

Many companies don't have the in-house resources to create the content and design for a professional database-driven newsletter that brings in results. I can help you with all aspects of a successful email campaign:

  • Write copy that sells.

  • Add a subscription box to every page of your website.

  • Import names from in-house lists.

  • Add an unlimited number of interest categories.

  • Collect demographic data.

  • Tailor your mailings by interest category and send your customers only what they ask for.

  • Track your subscriber count and send you regular reports.

  • Personalize each email with recipient's first and/or last name.

  • Add product images and links.

  • Manage bounced emails.

This is a Quick Tip you can use today!

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